Holy Trinity Parish Church

The Parish of Holy Trinity & St Peter

Regular Worship – Mondays: 08.30 am Morning Prayer – Wednesday: 10.00 am Said Eucharist

Friday: 08.30 am Morning Prayer – Sunday 8.00 am Said Eucharist, 9.15am Sung Eucharist and Holy Communion accompanied by the organ and Robed Choir

This ancient church was rebuilt in 1321. Before that the tower stood as a separate building but was included in the body of the church when the north and south aisles were built.  Further restoration took place in the fifteenth century when the aisles were enlarged and the wonderful wagon roof installed. In Victorian times the old box pews were replaced with the pews as we see them today, also the chancel floor was raised.

The font dates from Norman times, about 1160, which is before the time of the first listed vicar, Oliver de Tracey, in 1263. It was moved to its present position in 1861 and re-cut in a fifteenth century style so that it looks newer than it actually is. The corbels have been in the church since 1321 – See if you can spot the Green Men, five in a row!

Over recent years the graveyard had become overgrown but in 2014 the Holy Trinity Graveyard Group was formed with local volunteers who started work to clear the area and have continued to maintain it.


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Church Hill
Ilfracombe EX34 8EE
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