Phototrails was developed by the Fieldfare Trust to bring you an up-to-date guide to the accessibility of countryside sites and trails for people with disabilities.

Each walk is described through a filmstrip and slideshow of photographs which let you see just what the walk is like. They include information on the surrounding environment, the walk distance and the features and highlights that you will find along the way. Hopefully, information on path gradients, widths and surfaces will also be provided by surveyors. Each trail is given an accessibility rating to help you decide whether a trail meets your needs and, but please let us know if any ratings don’t meet your expectation so we can help future users make informed choices about the other trails. Do also take into consideration the weather and season when planning your visit, as the condition of countryside trails can deteriorate during the winter months.

You can search for walks near to where you live or, you can plan routes that you might do while visiting friends or taking a holiday. You can also now post your own favourite trails up on the site – just go to – log in and follow the instructions. Also check out our tips on producing great phototrails!