1st Ilfracombe Scout Group

Providing an "Everyday Adventure" to young people

We offer three groups:

Beaver Scouts are young boys and girls usually aged between six and eight years old. They belong to the first and youngest section in the scouting family.  Our colony is a friendly and active place for your child to join – we get up to all sorts of things, including day visits, sleepovers, arts and crafts, exploring the outdoors and much more!

Cubs is the second section in the scouting family, after beavers and before scouts.  A cub is typically 8-10.5yrs old.

Scouts is the third section in the scouting family and is typically seen as the original section.  Scouts are typically 10.5-14yrs old. As an active scout troop, we get up to all sorts of exciting and adventurous activities, both in our regular meetings and on camps and visits.

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to help us provide scouts to the children in our area. Volunteering with our group can mean anything from spending a few minutes every few months on an administrative task to running section meetings.