Ilfracombe Link Centre

Ilfracombe Link Centre is a social care day centre for adults with mental health and emotional problems. We are here to support you in your recovery. We offer a variety of activities and groups and drop-in sessions. access friendly, informal drop-in centre

Ilfracombe Link Centre is where you can get support living with and recovering from a range of mental health and emotional problems.

You can get support from people who understand mental health, develop your skills in managing your own mental health, staying well and making choices about how you live your life.  Get sign posting and support with everyday needs such as accommodation, occupation, education, personal relationships, money, participation in community life.

Meet people who know what it feels like, get involved and make friends.

Recovery is about building a meaningful and satisfying life as defined by YOU whether or not you have ongoing mental health symptoms or difficulties. It is important to focus on your health, strengths and weaknesses, not only on illness, labels and symptoms.