Events 4 Ilfracombe

Here to help other events

We are a self-funded community organisation, formed in 2013 as a constituted community group. Our brief is to provide support to other event groups with licenses and health & safety, insurance, equipment and more. We also run events ourselves with our ‘house’ event  ‘All Things Morris’ in July.

Examples of the sorts of things we help with:

Equipment: We have gazebos, tables, chairs, BBQs, PA system, collecting boxes & much, much more, which community groups can hire for free.

LegalWe have examples of risk assessments, licenses, event Safety Advisory Group documentation and more. We don’t have the answers to everything but we do usually know where to point you.

Insurance:  Events 4 Ilfracombe holds annual Ilfracombe wide events insurance. Other event groups can usually access this – remember that all events, no matter how small, should be insured.

Volunteers & MarshalingWe have access to and contact with all of the main marshaling groups in the town, these groups have numbers of people who are experienced event marshals and who give their time and efforts for free.

PR & Marketing:  As part of the Ilfracombe Marketing Group we have access to Ilfracombe Town Council and Visit Ilfracombe websites, local press, social media and community print media.

Tourist Information Centre, The Seafront,
Ilfracombe EX34 9BZ
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