“Round Lundy Yacht Race”

July 2023

Ilfracombe Yacht Club (IYC) have been running this popular race since 2005. Yachts from all around the Bristol channel take part, from large racing yachts with crews as many as 9 to cruising yachts as small as 22ft and some single handed.

Yacht skippers “sign in” and attend a skipper’s briefing on the Thursday evening……….

The race starts at 8am with a starting “gate” of two widely spaced buoys to the North of Lantern Hill, with the ebb tide helping to make the long journey to Lundy rounding the island either clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the wind direction. The tide turns when the smaller yachts are rounding the island and helps them with the return journey.

The faster yachts may finish as early as 3 or 4pm, the smaller yachts seeking to get back and pass through the finishing “gate” before an 8pm deadline.