Fleek Gallery

Featuring regular exhibitions

Fleek Gallery is near Ilfracombe’s pretty harbour and exhibits the world of edgy, urban, classic & contemporary art. There is a continual flow of new art shown at the gallery, a mix of eclectic genres and styles of work from some of the world’s best established and up and coming artists.

Picturesque coastline, beautiful sunsets, stunning green hills and friendly people. These are just a few words one might conjure up when describing the North Devon town of Ilfracombe. In Recent years there are a few more phrases you might consider adding to this list, including; Michelin star restaurants, music & film festivals and art galleries, a town on the rise and an exciting place to be with many talented artists choosing to live and work here. You only need to visit the Verity statue to see just how creative, innovative and forward thinking this unique town is.

Fleek is a gallery that promises a warm welcome and artwork that is bound to surprise, intrigue and please anyone from first time gallery visitors to seasoned collectors. There is always an exhibition of new work on show for you to enjoy.