Clovelly 2019 Events

Throughout the Year

5th March – Lentsherd on Shrove Tuesday, children run down the cobbles, dragging clattering tin cans. The aim is to chase bad spirits away and drive the devil into the sea.

8th – 22nd April – Find the Easter Chicks is a popular event for children with prizes.

26th May – Seaweed Festival is the only one in the UK to celebrate all that is great about seaweed. It has immense health and nutritional benefits.

27th July – Gig Regatta is an exciting and strenuous event.

3rd – 4th August – Lifeboat Weekend & Maritime Festival is packed with a great programme of activities for all the family.

1st September – Lobster & Crab Feast celebrates Clovelly’s famous and sustainably caught lobsters and crab.

23rd October – Apple Day is another enjoyable event for children, full of games and crafts.

17th November – Herring Festival when the “silver darlings” start to come along our coast.