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Torrs Circular Walk

  • About:


    Up the Torrs Walk, over to Slade and back through the Cairn woods (4.2 miles)

    DESCRIPTION: This walk takes you to the delightful Torrs Walk which gently zigzags up above Ilfracombe giving some lovely coastal views. The walk then goes inland over fields to Upper Slade eventually reaching the old railway track by the Cairn woods back to Ilfracombe.

    EATING PLACES: Several in Ilfracombe, none on the walk.

    TOILETS: Wilder Road Car Park & Landmark Theatre


    1, 0.0 miles
    Turn right out of the TIC doors and shortly turn right down to the Ilfracombe Museum (open from 10.00am to 5.00pm - well worth a visit) and continue through the car park. On exiting the car park turn right up the path into the gardens. Take the next turning hard left up the steps and straight up towards the top to coast sign 3.  At the top turn left through the gate towards the Granville Point.

    2, 0.1 miles
    Turn right out of the gate to follow the road round by the cliff top, you can look down onto the Tunnels Beaches from this point.   Keep on this road until reaching the coast sign 2 leading to Torrs Park Avenue and follow this road signposted Coast Path and Tarka Trail, until reaching the signpost to the right 'Coast Path'. Follow this up and round to the left, shortly turning right on to the Coast Path and follow this path out to the coast.

    3, 0.6 miles
    Now follow the zigzag path until reaching the top, you can rest on the bench in memory of Leslie Colwill. Carry on up the path passing through the little gate. Ignore all paths off on the way up.

    4, 1.0 mile
    Turn right up to the grass area and visit the Toposcope on your right, then go left of the gorse down into the valley and down to the gate in the corner of the field. Cross over and follow the path ahead. Pass through the old wall and over the little stream and continue up ahead. Ignore the grass track off up to the left instead continuing ahead keeping closer to the coastal cliff on the coastal path rounding the headland and back inland to the stile.

    5, 1.4 miles
    Go through this and go slightly to the right/ahead to the steps and up on to the track. Continue up the grooved rock cutting through the kissing gate immediately after the bridleway.

    (Note)  This field is quite rutted and walkers may want to avoid cows if in the field. If you cannot go through, re trace your path to the steps and follow down to the gate ahead, and down through Langleigh Valley. Follow to the bottom, then left and at junction, diagonally opposite to broad Park Avenue. Follow round through Church gardens, then down to traffic lights. At lights turn left and follow Wilder Road until returning to TIC

    6, 1.6 miles
    Now go up the field by the hedged wall on your right. On reaching the top corner go up the steps in the wall into the next field to the next stile into the next field, following the wall on your left down to the stile in the corner.

    7, 2.0 miles
    Ignore the stile now ahead, instead taking the one on your left. Follow the hedge on your left, ignoring the openings soon on your left, continuing ahead through the next two openings on a track. On reaching the track across you, note the field ahead and go to the gate slightly over to the right into it. Go through this gate and now bear right at 45 degrees to it to the 'upper' right hand corner (not the one down the field ahead), to cross an old gate down in the corner.

    8, 2.2 miles
    Now go straight ahead ignoring the gate on the left, down between the hedge and fence, through a small gate to reach a small road. Turn right and follow this down the hill.

    9, 2.4 miles
    On meeting the road at the T-junction, turn left and follow this road downhill. Go carefully, keeping to the apex of bends for better visibility. Pass the Slade Reservoirs/Valley Farm road, continuing down into the village. Pass Saltmer Close and soon ignore the path over bridge on the right. You will then come to a Public Bridleway sign on your left and opposite that a Public Footpath sign on your right.

    10, 2.9 miles
    Follow the Public Footpath sign up between the houses towards the old railway track. Pass under the bridge and over the stile to follow the next track up into the woods. Continue ahead and when the path divides, take the left-hand path. Follow it on through the woods, soon bearing up right to turn left on to the next path.

    11, 3.2 miles
    Continue down here ignoring the small path off to the right, and soon ignoring the next paths off to the right. On reaching a small road/cycleway, follow a factory boundary on your left, continue down to the road by the factory entrance and now follow that road ahead.

    12, 3.6 miles
    Continue straight ahead when Richmond Road comes in from the left down to the main road. Carry on straight ahead towards the Town Centre (blue signpost) to the traffic lights.

    13, 3.8 miles
    Turn left into Wilder Road towards the seafront. Continue to the next traffic lights, going straight ahead until reaching the Tourist Information Centre again.