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    Damien Hirst's Verity


    A 66 foot bronze-clad sculpture named Verity created by world famous artist Damien Hirst has been loaned to North Devon Council for the next 20 years .

    On Tuesday 16 October 2012, Verity was hoisted into position giving residents and visitors their first glimpses of her standing tall on Ilfracombe's Pier.

    The statue of Verity pregnant holding a sword aloft and standing on a base of legal books is meant to be a 'modern allegory of truth and justice'

    The figure's stance is taken from Edgar Degas' late 19th Century Little Dancer of Fourteen Years and is referenced by Damien Hirst in his earlier bronze Virgin Mother from 2005.

    The title 'Verity' is from the Italian word of Truth, while she holds the traditional symbols denoting justice – a sword and scales.