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Curious Secret Places

The Ilfracombe Elephant: Look towards Hillsborough (the nature reserve to the east of the harbour) from a suitable viewpoint – the end of the Pier Car Park is ideal, and you will see the Ilfracombe Elephant. The natural rock formation looks exactly like a (very large) slumbering elephant. Once you have seen it you can catch glimpses from all over town.

The Clapping Circle: The clapping circle is the area between the Capstone and Wildersmouth Beach. The decorative circular paving makes it look like a helicopter landing pad (and in the past emergency helicopters have in fact landed there) but if you stand exactly in the centre of the circle and clap then your clap echoes back at you. So far not so impressive but the sound returns as a squeak!

Windy Corner: The far North West corner of Capstone Parade travelling around The Capstone is known as Windy Corner. Even if there is no wind anywhere else then by some meteorological quirk it is windy here. The sea just off the parade is also usually choppy. This is a really good place to observe sea life and porpoises and seals are often found fishing just off the coast. But beware! If the town itself is windy it will be blowing a gale at Windy Corner!

The Lanes: All around the town and particularly around the High Street there are a number of small & sometimes hidden lanes and passageways. It is possible to cross the town on foot from one side to another without ever going on a main thoroughfare. A legacy from Ilfracombe’s smuggling past? Probably.